First blog post

First blog post

Since this is our first post we would like to introduce ourselves, James and Debra Ferrari. We own and run Ferrari Studios which is a highly qualified professional art studio and gallery. Experienced in various types of sculpture, design, paintings, wall coverings, photography and giclee prints  We are known for our distinctive creative skills and creativity. Our goals are to collaborate and create art to solve your design needs for the commercial, residential and hospitality design industry. We have 20 years of experience working with designers, architects and builders. We are currently working on moving Ferrari Gallery and Ferrari Studios to Dallas, Texas in the Fall of 2017 to expand our art and design business. We will tell you all about our new location soon.

Here is a little short bio about each of us:

James specializes in sculpture. He has exhibited his work with the New York Sculpture Society, Automobile Fine Arts Society as well as many other gallery and art exhibitions in the US. His first sculpture he created during college was purchased as a public piece of art for Florida State University. He was voted as one of the most up and coming contemporary artists by New Art International magazine.

Debra specializes in painting modern, abstract and realistic paintings. She has created over 300 custom murals and wall coverings for interior designers. She is also an avid photographer and uses her photos for reference material to create her paintings.Debra loves to photograph nature and supports foundations who protect the environment and wildlife. Her art has been invited and exhibited at colleges, galleries and international shows. She has created four public works of art.


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